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3 Things A Small Business Owner can do to start marketing

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Content Marketing Basics - What is Content Marketing And How To Get Started through Social Media Marketing And Blogs in 2021

Marketing is shrouded with buzz words and terms like search engine optimization, growth hacking, big data analytics, hyperlocal, and KPIs that no one would ever (and should never) fully understand, unless you were in the industry. Our team lives and breathes marketing each and every single day, and also recognizes that most entrepreneurs have a lot of other things on their plate, like running their business for example. To do our part, we are actively publishing articles explaining these terms and any new ones that come up so that you don't have to try and decipher what they mean on your own.

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This article is part 2 of a 3 part series that highlights the two biggest avenues of content marketing: social media and blogs. We will help build a strategy for filling the top part of your marketing funnel, for those interested in what you have to offer, and create a game plan on converting those people reading or engaging with your content into paying customers. 

Content Marketing Overview

So... What even is Content Marketing?!

Content marketing allows you to create content that attracts, builds, and helps retain a clearly defined and niche audience. It is any content posted in the internet, including newsletters, articles, emails, videos, and e-books, that provides reliable and valuable information. Users look forward to receiving or reading this information – and the most important part – they expect no sales pitch to be attached to it. 


When you release any form of content, the intent should not be to pitch any product you’re selling, but rather, the goal should be to offer valuable information in exchange for intangible returns, such as larger brand recognition or small brand loyalty. By consistently posting valuable content – you can become an authoritative figure and a go-to resource on topics that matter to prospective customers. This allows you to build up your brand recognition and thus, more likely to get discovered by your ideal customer and indirectly increase your sales potential. 


Hubspot is a prime example of this and has become the go-to for information within industries like sales, marketing, and customer service and support. In the marketing industry, most users looking to dive into any new facet of marketing will stumble upon a Hubspot article, as they are usually within the top 3 results shown by Google search. Solely based on their content marketing, they were able to become a contender of Salesforce, the company known for its’ sales and CRM software. 



By creating valuable content, Hubspot was able to become an industry leader because its’ potential customers read it, found it helpful, and shared it.



This allowed them to rank higher on Google, generating another source of potential new customers, also known as SEO. Interested in learning how that works? Click here

Social Media Marketing Overview

There are over 3.5 billion social media users, accounting for about 45% of the world’s population. There are Tik-Tok videos that have over 2 billion views. Facebook’s most viewed video, People Are Awesome 2017, has a little under 400 million views. With numbers like those, it’s easy to understand and see why pretty much every business should be investing in social media marketing. 

The Essentials

Mo’ value, mo’ engagement – People will only follow you if they find your account valuable and/or and would be something they want to see on their social feed every day. No one wants to see an ad on their screen unless it’s forced upon them by the platform itself. After taking over a few social media accounts, we have noticed that a good number of them only post pictures of their products or services they are selling. Bring value in your posts! You know your audience best, define what they like and share it!

Interact with people People want to interact with people. Companies are comprised of people so your company’s social media account needs to operate like so. Talk to people, follow relevant companies and figure heads in your industry, and send direct messages if you like a post. Most importantly – reply to the comments in your posts! 

Utilize your blogs for content –  Running out of content ideas? A blog works hand-in-hand with social media marketing. You can break a blog article down into multiple posts, highlighting valuable information from the article and in turn, push users to it. 

User Content – Share relevant content from your customers! If a customer posts a photo of your product, make sure to share it with your audience by reposting or retweeting it, and comment on their post!

Do Not Miss This!

Spam = bad – Due to the social media algorithms, you do not want to spam a ton of posts and articles. Facebook and Instagram shows any post you put out to 1% of your full audience size. If no one reacts or interacts; they stop showing the post and bury it. If there is engagement in that 1%, they open it up to the remaining 99%. If a majority of your posts continue to get buried, they shadow-ban your account, leading to every single one of your posts being buried. Typically, 1 post a day is more than enough! 


Common practices like follow4follow and buying fake followers do not work like they have in the past. Having a large network of fake followers does nothing for your social media accounts, unless it’s solely for reputation’s sake. 

What About Influencer Marketing?

Hiring influencers seem to be the new fad, but unfortunately, that time has past due to market over-saturation. Most influencers have fake followers and fake engagement through engagement pods, which are private groups of social media gurus that engage with each other’s content to game the algorithm into thinking that your posts have more visibility than they do.  



This sounds great! So why doesn’t it work? Once you join one, any post that you publish has an abnormally higher amount of engagement compared to your previous post. According to a study done by Hootsuite, upon joining 2 engagement pods, the writer had a post end up with 749 likes, a 1,398% increase from her usual posts, which is a huge red flag in Instagram’s books. Additionally, the number is so abnormally different than what she usually saw that it screamed “fake likes.” Although she saw a heavy uplift in likes, it didn’t correspond to followers, which suggested that her page wasn’t liked at all and the pods were solely liking the post she linked. 

 Read more about engagement pods here!



However, if you would still like to try out influencer marketing for yourself, our recommendation would be avoiding anyone who’s not famous with over 10,000 followers. The likelihood of that large number of followers being organic is close to zero. Look for influencers who are popular outside of the social media platform, such as collegiate athletes, podcast hosts, bands, or local artists. 


With it getting harder and harder each day to grow your following organically, some businesses have opted to consider paid social media advertising through Google AdWords or Facebook Advertising. Social media marketing and paid advertising work can work hand-in-hand –  with social media marketing being a slower, cheaper option, whereas paid advertising can provide immediate results. 


Blogs Overview

Creating a blog and publishing articles is a fantastic way to grow your brand recognition and loyalty. Blogs provide a space where you can answer commonly asked questions and show off your expertise in your industry. Publishing helpful content allows you to become the local authoritative figure for your industry and thus, more likely to get discovered by a customer. As you publish articles, make sure you try to answer these two questions in every single article:


– Is someone going to read this entire post? If you think you will lose them on a particular part, expand on it further.

– How do I keep the reader engaged and wanting to read more of the article?


Blogs should be interesting and educate the reader on a new topic or provide a solution to a problem. They shouldn’t just be a simple answer to a question – that’s what a FAQs page is. 

Blog Topics To Get You Started By Industry

We have listed a few starter ideas below – you know your market best so if you think there’s a topic someone would be interested in reading, go ahead and publish an article on it! 



5 tips for a greener yard in the spring!

When is the best time to fertilize your grass and plants?

10 plants to grow in the spring/summer in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.



A few signs that indicate it’s time to replace your roof

Roof materials and what the primary differences are between them


Are solar panels really worth it?




Popular paint brands, comparisons, and your personal recommendations.

How to repair holes in walls yourself.

How often should you repaint your walls and why.



Real Estate

3 properties up on the market with a value analysis.

7 things you should look for in a home you are considering.

How to know you’re getting a good price on a home. 

Well there you have it! This was our basic guide to help you get a better understanding on content marketing and how you could start through social media channels or even a blog. 


We all know about those articles we find that contain 5% valuable information and in the remaining 95%, they try to sell you their e-book or online course, sign you up for their email marketing campaign, or to continue reading the rest of their fluff, you need to give them your email address. You don’t want to fall under that category of brands. 


There are quite a few other mediums you can utilize for content marketing which include –  infographics, weekly newsletters, email marketing, etc. However, it all boils down to having information that users find valuable and helpful. Otherwise – you fall in line with all the other companies pushing out content just for content’s sake. 



Leave us a comment or reach out if you have questions with any of the things discussed above!


We’d love to work with you. Click here to reach out!

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