3 Tips For Growing Your Local Business in 2021

Marketing is shrouded with buzz words and terms like search engine optimization, growth hacking, big data analytics, hyperlocal, and KPIs that no one would ever (and should never) fully understand, unless you were in the industry. Our team lives and breathes marketing each and every single day, and also recognizes that most entrepreneurs have a lot of other things on their plate, like running their business for example. To do our part, we are actively publishing articles explaining these terms and any new ones that come up so that you don't have to try and decipher what they mean on your own.

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Nowadays, everything is online. I would even challenge you to find a product or service that isn’t. If you really tried hard enough, you could – but you get the point I’m trying to make. Research has shown that almost 40% of all in-store shoppers have done some sort of research on the product they end up buying at a physical store. This means that your product or service NEEDS to have an online presence in order to compete. No – this isn’t a sales pitch to have you buy into our web development services (but would be nice if you did, you can click here if you are interested 😉). 



So – in the following sections, we’ll be sharing tips on how you can grow your local business and establish an online presence for it. 

Growing Your Local Business Overview

Tip 1: Local SEO It Up!

If this is your first venture into marketing, you know that purchasing a website can be a very expensive process so even if you don’t have a website set up yet, you can still improve your small business’ online presence through local SEO.  It will help start your business off with a presence for no cost at all, and help generate more traffic to your storefront and/or inquiry calls. 


Begin your online presence by setting up profiles on highly reputed 3rd-party review sites:

Google My Business – https://www.google.com/business/

Facebook Business Page – https://www.facebook.com/business/pages

Bing Places – https://www.bingplaces.com/

Yelp – https://biz.yelp.com/


If you want some more insider information on tips and tricks to best set up those profiles, you can read the articles linked below!

Tip 2: Get That Review Count Up!

Having online reviews is the modern day version of word-of-mouth advertising and it has been proven to persuade new customers to utilize your business, or finalize their decision in not using it. Think about the last time you were searching for a trendy new coffee shop to work from. You may have asked a few friends for recommendations, scavenge through Yelp, only to end up on Google to read more reviews and find directions. Those online reviews are vital in a new potential customer decision to go with your business, or a competitors’.


As a multi-family property investor, whenever I’m looking at hiring a contractor for whatever service I may be needing at the time, whether it is for a roof, fence, flooring, or paint, I start my search on Google by typing in “contractors near me.” 

Local Google search in Fort Worth for fencing companies near me

The top 3 results before hitting the “view all” button is what we marketers call the local 3-pack. I’ll start digging into the credentials of those top 3 results, but typically don’t go past them. All other local businesses don’t even come into consideration, even if it may have been a better fit.


Even worse, if a business does not have a Google My Business page built out, they do not even pull up in the search for a new contractor. Unfortunately, this situation plays out daily, regardless of the quality of work or service provided.


To further drive this point home, in a study done by searchenginejournal where they analyzed over 80 million keyword strings and billions of search results, they have found that the first result in Google Search has an average of 28.5% of all clicks. Comparatively, the tenth result pulls in 2.5% of all clicks.

So how do you get into the coveted local 3-pack?


Google heavily factors in reviews for search rankings, especially their own service, Google My Business. Having a ton of reviews on GMB heavily affects your local search ranking and pushes it up (or down if negative). In order to get more Google reviews, you should reach out to your existing customer base and see if they would be willing to leave you a review. 


However, make sure you do not explicitly ask for a positive 5-star review because Google makes it clear in their terms of service that they will terminate your listing if you do. 



Tip 3: Pay Money, Get Visibility

Getting to the front page of Google may take some time, depending on your existing brand recognition and/or online reputation. With it getting harder and harder to do each day, some local businesses have opted to consider paid options like Google AdWords or Facebook Advertising.


With pay-per-click advertising – you set a maximum dollar amount you would be willing to pay each time someone clicks on your ad. The best part – you aren’t charged, regardless of the amount of times it is shown. By specifying a maximum daily/monthly budget, you can stay within a reasonable budget and stop if you aren’t seeing the performance and/or conversions you were hoping for. 


Google is the world’s largest and most popular advertising platform, and in the marketing world, is used interchangeably with the term “paid search.” Paid search focused on targeting relevant keywords and phrases like “restaurants near me” or “best fence companies in my area.” By utilizing paid search, you are technically ranked higher than your biggest competitors.


Facebook is the second-largest advertising platform and has the largest monthly active users out of any social network in the world. Like Google, it is interchangeably used with the term “paid social.” Unlike paid search where you find new customers through keywords, paid social utilizes user behavior and patterns, the things they’re interested in, and how they are behaving on Facebook. Think Facebook would be best for your business? Read our guide here breaking it down, and get started with your own ads today! 


Both Google and Facebook Ads are amazing advertising platforms that can work for all businesses and should both be used in conjunction with each other.


Put simply, Google allows you to reach new customers as they are searching, while Facebook puts you directly in front of them. Utilizing both paid search and paid social allows you to have a much broader reach, and allows you to harness the strength and unique reach of both platforms. A good marketer will test both methods and move the budget fluidly between both to make sure you have the best ROI.

Well there you have it! These were our 3 simple, practical tips you can do right now to grow your local business. This is done through establishing your online presence with local SEO, building a reputation through reviews, and utilizing paid advertising to generate new leads and sales. 


Leave us a comment or reach out and we’d be happy to review your overall marketing strategy!

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